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Corporate Training

Effective communication is at the heart of business success. It helps develop relationships with customers, suppliers, employees, regulators and our communities. Effective communication helps us to negotiate, overcome business obstacles, and build high-performing teams. If you are committed to being the best at what you do, it's important you invest in developing your communication skills and knowledge.

For employers, investing in your staff will give you confidence in your team and ensure you're better positioned to meet your business objectives and ultimately increase your commercial success.

Cole Lawson offers a suite of professional development modules that will improve your leadership skills, super charge your ability to engage with stakeholders and the media, and give you the tools to manage people and public situations with confidence.

Our suite of modules can be completed consecutively, or individually to meet your needs.

We deliver modules in Brisbane, and can offer a customised, in-house service. Contact us for more information.

Drawing on decades of award-winning experience, we have designed five practical modules that allow participants to immediately receive benefit from their investment:

1. Media Awareness (1/2 day): This half-day workshop will provide you with an overview of how the media works and the important role it plays in establishing, building and supporting your brand.

This module is a comprehensive introduction to media, and designed for SME's or organisations that do not have in-house media teams. Click here for more information and to register.

2. Media Training (1 day): This workshop will provide your spokespeople with a clear understanding of the role of media and hands-on media experience. Through a unique, interactive and dynamic format, our award-winning journalists and corporate communication leaders will share their tips and tricks so that you can navigate every situation with confidence.

Perfect for anyone responsible for liaising with media or speaking on behalf of an organisation. Click here for more information and to register.

3. Advanced Media Training (1/2 day): This hands-on workshop assists spokespeople who are likely to encounter tricky, hostile or high-pressure media situations. There is a focus on helpful techniques that they can put into practice immediately. Click here for more information and to register. 

Suitable for anyone wanting to hone or refresh their media engagement skills and who has completed other media training modules. 

4. Presentation Skills (1 or 2 days): If you want to fast track your professional trajectory, you need to know how to engage with your stakeholders and keep them interested. We offer a one-day intensive workshop that will allow you to discover and refine your unique presentation style, introduce you to new presentation techniques, and give you a platform to refine your skills. This ensures that you're able to structure and deliver your messages effectively every time. We also hold a more comprehensive two-day workshop for larger groups. 

Ideal for specialists, managers and general managers. Click here for more information and to register.

5. Responding to a Crisis (1 day): If an organisation is confronted with a crisis, its very reputation is at stake. Knowing how to plan for - and deal with - a range of key stakeholders ahead of time, including the media, is vital. This hands-on workshop explores the different types of crises, what each might mean for organisations and their stakeholders, and how media needs to be handled to ensure constructive outcomes. 

6. Writing for Business Success (1 day): We live in a time of sound bites, status updates and 140-character tweets. Organisations are anecdotally reporting a decline in the quality of written material being produced by their employees. Potential leaders with less-developed business communication skills are being overlooked in favour of those who have the ability to communicate professionally.

We are offering a one-day opportunity to develop and improve your professional writing skills with the best in the business. Click here to register your interest.

7. Business Leadership Communication (1 day): Good leaders are good storytellers, and being able to take your audience on a journey is an important skill. Good leaders can clearly articulate their vision and connect with others authentically. Designed as a follow up to our Presentation Skills module, our Business Leadership Communication module will ensure you have the skills to lead your organisation to success.

Ideal for executive level professionals. Click here to contact us and receive more information.

Who will our courses help?

Cole Lawson has tailored training programs for team members, leaders and executives. Our training programs give participants more confidence in delivering written, verbal and public communication to make them more effective team members and leaders.

From communication basics to advanced skills, we have the right level of training to meet your business requirements.

Bespoke company sessions

Cole Lawson also can provide corporate training in programs customised for an individual client, with all participants and tailored training exercises drawn from the one organisation. This allows participants to use practical and challenging examples from their work experience and delivers a head-start on improving their organisational performance.

This is our recommended method of media training delivery, to ensure the practice examples are as challenging and "real-life" as possible. Please contact us to discuss your individual needs.