Cole Lawson helps launch “Injex”

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Injex was demonstrated live on Channel 7’s popular Sunrise program and featured on Ten News bulletins around the country (left). 

Our press release for Injex is below. Give it a try next time you’re at the dentist! 

Australian-first to eliminate dentist needles

The common fear of the dentist’s needle might soon be a thing of the past, with the launch today of Australia’s first needle-free anaesthetic injection.

Injex, a virtually painless spring-loaded pressure device, is expected to revolutionise the dental profession and set a precedent for the application of local anaesthesia.

Injex works by micro-streaming the anaesthetic through the skin, meaning it is absorbed more rapidly, and there is less damage to the skin at the point of contact.

Injex is being introduced by Australian owned dental supply company Dentavision, and at a cost of only a few dollars more than its dreaded alternative, it is not going to break the bank.

Dentavision Director Ray Smith said if the enormous overseas take-up of the product was any indication, Injex would soon be changing the way Australians felt about trips to the dentist.

“You can go to the dentist and it is highly likely that you can avoid a needle,” Mr Smith said.

“Australians have demanded a safer, less fearful alternative to the syringe, and this is it.”

Injex is available today to dentists nationwide, but Mr Smith said that because Injex was so new, it could be worthwhile for patients to check their local dentist had the device before their next visit.

“Patients need to call their dentist to request Injex if they don’t want to be faced with a needle on their next visit,” he said.

Mr Smith said Injex had to be applied at a 90 degree angle to the contact point, meaning it was suitable for use in most dental procedures.

“Everybody’s mouth is different, so there are some limitations for procedures involving teeth that are difficult to reach, but your dentist will be able to advise you if it is not suitable.”

Injex can also be used as an alternative method for the administration of vaccinations, diabetes, veterinarian and Botox treatments. 

Vision and interview opportunities: Dentists and patients in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are available for photos, filming and a demonstration of the application of Injex. High resolution images of the device with dentists and patients are also available.

For more information or to arrange photos please call  07 3221 2220 (Cole Lawson Communications).

About Dentavision

Dentavision is an-Australian owned dental supply company and the first distributor of Injex in Australia. For more information on Injex visit or