Client news: BMP pilots navigate treacherous waters

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While most of us were opening presents and enjoying family time over the holidays, the marine pilots at the Port of Brisbane were hard at work, keeping our waterways safe and Queensland’s economy ticking.

Brisbane Marine Pilots’ (BMP) team of highly skilled pilots work around the clock, every day of the year, boarding large vessels in often difficult and dangerous conditions, bringing them in and out of the Port of Brisbane.

BMP’s pilots also protect recreational craft, expertly piloting container ships and cruise liners through the Moreton Bay Marine Park, a protected and biologically diverse area.

Cole Lawson managing director Margaret Lawson said the BMP team had been the custodians of the Moreton Bay Marine Park for more than 30 years, ensuring the safe and efficient movement of large ships in often congested, environmentally sensitive waters.

“Because BMP is locally based, its pilots are the only marine pilots that have an intimate knowledge of our port, which is critical to providing a safe service for our vessels,” she said.

“With more than half of all Queensland trade passing through our port, BMP also plays a crucial role in keeping Queensland’s economy moving.”