St Baker Energy Innovation Fund

Leveraging an opportunity
in the USA

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In February 2018, the St Baker Energy Innovation Fund hired Cole Lawson to help generate publicity promoting the founder’s appearance in Washington, DC for the USA Governors’ Conference.

Our Approach

We used our networks to understand which Australian journalists would be attending the USA Governors’ Conference and contacted them personally before departure to discuss potential opportunities, deadlines, their interests, and their schedules.

Cole Lawson developed fact sheets, opinion pieces, talking points, alerts and a media release to pitch the opportunity to talk to our client about the electric vehicle revolution.

In a very crowded media market, with many Australian brands vying for coverage at the event, we utilised our media knowledge to pitch and secure photo opportunities, news stories and opinion editorials for our client.

Results and Impact

This story was covered by Australian media including The Australian, 2GB, ABC, 4BC and The Courier-Mail.